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The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls in Aladağlar National Park 156 km (97 miles) south of Ürgüp and east of Niğde (map), are among Turkey's most unusual: the seven waterfalls spurt right from a solid-rock cliff face.

It's striking: a crease in the vertical cliff face. Above it, dry rock. Below it, a cascade of chill white water.
Over the ages, the water found its way through the porous limestone, ending at the cliff face, where it tumbles to a stream below.
The cold water is potable and delicious, and in fact is from the same source as the popular Hayat brand of spring water sold throughout Turkey.

     Kapuzbasi Selalesi, Aladaglar, Turkey
Picnic tables and toilets accommodate visitors. A vendor sells tea, soft drinks and snacks.

At the base of the falls is a tiny, old, primitive grain mill, a low-roofed ramshackle structure set above a channel of racing water that turns the wheel. Inside, the village miller squats and scoops and sacks the flour that sifts from the grinding stones.

Upstream and downstream from the waterfalls a few kms are small villages with a few basic services. The lower village has several simple family-run restaurants.

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