Also known as the Turquoise Coast, Turkeys Mediterranean coastline is the go to place for anyone wanting a beach holiday in Turkey. With hundreds of beaches both spoilt and secluded there is something for anyone’s taste. Aside from beaches the Mediterranean region in Turkey offers a rich historical and adventurous experience for the traveller, paraglide from the top of the Taurus Mountains or hike the ancient Lycian trails, this region is bound to leave an impression on you for years to come.

Places to visit on the Mediterranean Coast

Antalya: The largest city in southern Turkey and the unquestioned capital of the Turquoise Coast. The charm of Antalya lies in the old town in the centre of the city. Going outside the city to the beaches such as Lara and Kemer you will find large scale ‘All inclusive’ resorts. Historical sites such as Side, Aspendos and Perge can be easily visited during day trips from Antalya. White water rafting is also a popular activity in Antalya.

Fethiye: Situated on the tip of a harbour perfect for yachting, this town and its vicinity offers sports like paragliding, hiking and canyoning. Throughout the town you can see Lycian Tombs lying next to guesthouses, minutes away you have the crystal blue waters of beaches such as Öludeniz. Outside of Fethiye are some important historical sites like that of Tlos, believed to be the birthplace of Democracy. Not far from this site is Saklıkent Gorge with rushing ice cold water and natural mud pools.

Kaş/Kalkan: Two unspoiled resort towns with traditional architecture in the southwest of the region. Both towns provide the perfect getaway or honeymoon. Beaches such as Kaputaş are just around the corner. These places are also small stops for yacht cruises.

Köyceğiz: A small town situated on the lakes frontage. From here take a small day cruise across the lake and down the Dalyan River to Turtle beach. Along the way you will see some of the most well-preserved Lycian Tombs the Mediterranean Coast has to offer.

Marmaris: A stunning yet touristic town, Marmaris acts as the gateway for the Blue Voyage.

Mersin: The largest seaport in Turkey, Adana-Mersin metropolitan area is an important region for Turkey’s economy. Popular amongst Turkish tourists, Mersin is close to Tarsus, the birthplace or St. Paul.

Olympos: Around a 1 hour transfer from Antalya Olympos is a laid-back village full of tree-house accommodation. The walk to the beach is littered with ancient ruins. From here you may take the evening walk up to Çıralı to see the gas flame phenomenon, linked to the ancient Greek legend of Chimaera. 12km from Olympos is another small village with guesthouse accommodation sitting right on the shores of Adrasan beach.